Goodbye Dear Friend

Earlier this week, I was forced to adieu to one of my law school friends. He is moving to Washington D.C., to pursue work with one of the various governmental agencies housed there. We, of course, threw him a grand going away party at his favorite bar, which everyone of us regretted the next morning when we woke. Although, I said goodbye to many friends that I made in undergrad, the fact is that the friends that you make in law school are often so much closer to you. Nothing brings people together like overcoming an obstacle. The more dire the situation, the closer you band together in order to survive. Law school really seems like one of those insurmountable mountains. The higher you climb, the thinner the air gets. You spend long nights in the library, and work constantly, just so you can put it all on the line at the end of the semester in the final exam. But, there is nothing sweeter than the victory at the end, and the friends you make along the way really are the kind that you always remember.

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