I’d Like to Buy that Law Student in Front

This past Thursday I attended a date auction to raise money for the Suffolk Marathon Team. It was hosted at Jacques Cabaret, which is an experience if you have never been. So, basically, they got a mediocre comedian to host this event, where they sold off dates with fellow students, which come with gift cards to various locations. Watching the way things went down, you can definitely tell that it was a bunch of law students that are living on budgets and loans doing the bidding.¬†Everyone’s starting bids were decent, but not high. Then, as everyone got a few drinks in them, the bids went through the roof in the middle of the auction. As we got to the end, the bids started falling off. People realized they had already burned through their wads of cash earlier in the auction, and now had nothing left. No amount of booze can change what you have left in your wallet, which is a harsh reality that everyone had to come to terms with. In the end, at least all of the money went to a good cause, rather than feeding any other bar related habits that the bidders have.

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