The Trivia Strikes Back: Darth Professor v. Student Skywalker

Who says law school is all work and no play?

On Tuesday night, I attended a professors vs. students trivia event hosted by the Suffolk Public Interest Law Group and the International Law Society. It is always great to see exactly how nerdy law students are. We may not be able to tell you much about the Minutemen and the Boston Tea party, but gives us a legal or a Star Wars category and you will be amazed what happens. I will admit that I don’t speak Dutch, but ask me which character was appropriately named for the Dutch word for father and I can tell it was Vader on any day that ends in “y”. It’s fun to watch these kinds of events unfold, because they always start a little awkward, but that is where alcohol comes into play. Give everyone an open bar and it is amazing how quickly the conversation wheels get greased. Before long, students and professors alike are hooting, hollering, and having a great time. All and all, Trivia Night was a success, because anyone passing by would not have been able to tell the difference between our function room and any bar during its trivia night.

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