The Caveman Learns from the Astronaut

Earlier this week, I attended the Boston E-Discovery Summit, which was held only a few blocks from Suffolk Law. The conference theme was e-discovery on a budget. The idea of the summit being to show attorneys, paralegals, judges, and other members of the legal field how to effectively conduct these expensive searches on a smaller case. The mantra of the discussion, and panels, really was strategic cooperation and effective search selection, so that the evidence that both sides were entitled to can be found quickly and effectively, thus cheaply. One of the most interesting discussions came from the panel of former judges, one of which admitted “I can’t tell the difference between an android and a hemorrhoid.” Even as much of the legal field is beginning to emerge from its paper cave and join the astronauts of e-discovery, they must do it carefully. Many judges are still in their caves, and will have to be educated on how to talk to the astronauts, if there is an hope of doing e-discovery effectively.

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